OOC: Tentative list of supplies

As previously stated, one challenge that Mountain Lab mercenaries will face is supply shortages. Because of the unique location of Mountain Lab, supplies are sometimes difficult to deliver. As well there could be conflicts involving RED and BLU with their suppliers. Weather is another factor that needs to be considered.

We have made a tentative list of supplies each class utilizes. As well we have made a tentative list of general items. We will be doing a random number drawing every other week to list what supplies are currently low. These supplies will be then in low supply for the next two weeks. That doesn’t mean your OC can’t use them. It’s just a way to bring some conflict and make your OC think strategically.

We ask that if anyone would like to add things to the list please reblog! This could be items you think are generally used by the mercenaries, as well as items specific to your character ( that could, in theory, cause IC conflicts/plot devices for your OC).

Below is the list of mercenary supplies as well as general supplies:


1 Primary: Syringes

2 Primary: Needle tips

3 Secondary: Medigun fluids

4 sterile bandages

5 disposable gloves

6 Surgical instruments (tongs, scalpels, needles, stitching)

7 Aesthethia

8 heating pads

9 splints

10 eye patches

11 hand sanitizer (sterilization )

12 over the counter medicine ( pain killers, cough syrup, allergy medication)


13 Primary: Rockets

14 Primary: Shot gun shells

15. Grenades


16 Primary: Minigun bullets

17. Secondary: shot gun shells


18: Primary: bullets

19 secondary bullets

20 Bonk soda


21 Primary lighter fluid

22 Secondary shot gun shells

23 Secondary flares

24. Gas mask filters


25 Primary grenades

26 Secondary sticky bombs

27 Bomb supplies


28 Primary shot gun shells

29 Power tools and equipment

30 Disposable hardware ( nuts, bolts, screws, nails )

31 Scrap metal


32. Bow strings

33. Arrows

34.Rifle bullets

35. Blades


36. Primary pistol bullets

37. Masks

General Supplies

1. Blankets

2. Heating pads

3. lighter fluid

4. Gun care supplies

5. Cigarettes, cigars

6. Alcohol

7. Pantry items

8. Meats

9. Dairy items

10. fruits and vegetables

11. blade sharpener, wet stone.

12. new uniforms

13. Laundry soap and detergent

14. shoe laces

15. prosthetics

16. sugar

17. Lard, shortening, oils

18. Coffee

19. condoms

20. Socks and underwear

21. Toiletries

22. guitar strings

23. batteries

24. matches

25. glowsticks

26. pet supplies

27. Razors

28 Mason Jars

29. containers

30 cloth

31 Needle and thread

32 Pens and pencils

33 paper

34 Envelopes

35. staples

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